Friday, February 02, 2007

Best Fest Line Up Evah!!!

PERSONAL HEARTBREAK: I was trying to enter the writing contest this morning, in which entrants are asked to write a 300 word or less description of their fantasy music festival, but I missed the deadline when their site got jammed due to, what I can only imagine, was hoards of us last-minute-losers trying to enter. So now, I am disgruntled and dazed. I wrote this all in vain -er vein... (SOB!)

In the name of blasting America's biggest fool since Richard Nixon senseless, the Actafool Fest in Washington DC will take place April 1, 2007 directly across from The White House. The event is free on a first come first serve basis, and foolish, outlandish dress is strongly encouraged. Two dollar beers and a clean, ample supply of pottys will bookend a well-stocked food court.

Electroclash sex-pot, Peaches, kicks things off with a to-the-letter reenactment of her latest release, "Impeach My Bush", with Yeah Yeah Yeahs pals Nick Zinner and Karen O backing her up on drums and keys respectively. The Flaming Lips take over from there, leading a scathing twenty four hour parade of high decibel rock by Sonic Youth, Kings Of Leon, The Duke Spirit, Ween, The Kooks, Viva Voce, The Streets, Devendra Banhart, The Black Crowes, Patti Smith, Spoon, and Prince.

Highlights include Iggy Pop performing "Punkrocker" with swedish shredders, The Teddy Bears, a slim 30 minute set of dueling duets by Fiona Apple & Chan Marshall, The Arctic Monkeys previewing their highly anticipated sophomore effort, and Pete Doherty and Carl Barat making nice to reunite for just one night as The Libertines. Jack White closes the show by playing back to back sets, first as The White Stripes then leading directly into a raucous finale with The Raconteurs. Audience members are encouraged to mingle backstage, so be sure to bring your autograph books or at least a fresh Sharpie.


Anonymous said...

oh koshi, you're such a trip. i think that's why i love you. p.s. fiona apple and chan marshal together? now that's something i'd give my right arm to see

Tomeka Sweet said...

LOL! This is a great idea. I would definitely be one of the first in line for this. To bad you missed your deadline, darlin. Next time.