Friday, February 09, 2007

45 Min. KOSHi Sketch Challenge 5


Cher's cool. I LUV her deep, unique voice & the girl's got acting chops. For Challenge #5, I decided to feature a pre-surgery, pre-dental work Cher & chose a cover image from an old album called "The Sonny Side Of Cher". The SONNY Side Of Cher?! Isn't that a kick?


Joanna DeVoe said...

I am so not LUVing this drawing. Eating humble pie. I feel like it looks more "Chan Marshall" than Cher. But whatever.. I was in a hurry!!!! Wait a sec... I could just rename it... right? It's suppose to be Cat Power, people, Cat Power, not Cher. I like totally meant to draw Chan... on purpose... okay?

Anonymous said...

oh, koshi, you're too hard on yourself! i really like this drawing. it does look a bit like chan marshall, but i love chan marshall. maybe you should just rename it? i see a bit of old school cher too, so no more worries, young lady!