Saturday, February 24, 2007

2007 Spirit Awards

I am a loser. There. I said it, so you don't have to. And having said "it", I will now just be myself. Uhem....

iT'S OSCAR WEEEEEK ENNNND!!!! Weeeehoooooo! Yaaaaahoooooooo! Zippidy Doo Dah!!!!

I love this weekend so so much. I look forward to it. I count down. I clear my schedule, because I don't want to miss a minute of it: the red carpet, the pre-show, the show-show, the post-show, The Barbara Walters special, The Oprah special, The Fashion Police, every blippin' second of it. The big kick off is today at 3:00pm when the Independent Spirit Awards heir on IFC, and you can bet your bippy that I'll be parked in front the of the tube with a big bowl of popcorn, laughing, crying, practicing my acceptance speech. It won't matter that my son and his feline cohorts will probably be converting his room into a major disaster area, that the dishes will be mysteriously multiplying in the sink, or that my fiance will have to roll his eyes every time he passes by my sorry ass to raid the fridge. Nothing will matter but my silly lil' broken dreams (yes, I wanted to be an actor once upon a time) & the joy I feel watching those persistent few celebrate the fact that they did not give up on theirs. And for just one weekend... I'll be happy for them.

CLiCK HERE to get the full list of this years Spirit Award nominees & to watch some groovy interviews with hunkalicious Aaron Eckhart, Forest Whitaker, David Lynch, Laura Dern & many more... HAPPY WEEKEND!


bridge said...

Aw Koshi, you're not a loser. You're just very verrrry special.

Anonymous said...

Love the enthusiasm.