Tuesday, January 02, 2007

KOSHi LUVS... New York Mag

Last year, I was a member of Media Bistro, which had the unexpected side-benefit of a subscription to New York magazine. At first I was like, "What do I want with this? I live in L.A." But the magazine arrived on my doorstep every week and I eventually picked one up out of curiosity. Now, I get it. This is a great lil zine. Very unique. Very arty. Fashiony. Cool. I especially like this grid they put in the back of the book that separates current headlines into "Lowbrow/Brilliant, Lowbrow/Dispicable, Highbrow/Brilliant, Highbrow/Dispicable, and the fact that they profile random people off the street. Mica De Jesus is one such person, a self-proclaimed gypsy girl. She says...
"Nobody else has the style that I wear because it’s my own—not something that came out of Wet Seal."

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