Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Diary Entry

There's a spoiled, slightly trashy model on Fashion TV right now. Her name is Luciana Gimenez. She's from Brazil & she's the woman who got knocked up by Mick Jagger when he was still married to Jerry Hall. Earlier, I watched an Oprah special on poor people who came into a windfall, couldn't handle the money & blew through it almost as fast as it came. Basically, they didn't feel worthy of the dough. Then I see this pompous, self-entitled woman being interviewed by Jeannie Becker & am taken with the contrast. Here sits this shiny, pampered pooch, narrating clips of herself shopping & attending glamorous events & she still wants more, feels that she deserves it & that it's on it's way. She actually said something to the effect of, "I'm very lucky. Things do come to me. So, I think that life is going to show me something good & I am going to grab it like always." There's a lesson in this. (SEE: Atreyu trying to feel his worth in The Never Ending Story)

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