Wednesday, November 08, 2006

KOSHi LUVS... Queen Seventeen

Atoosa booked my ex-hubby as a model on a series of Cosmo editorials way way back in the day, and I always hated her for pairing him with pretty half-naked models. Apparently she's good at it, because she's gone on to rule a good little portion of the fashion world by running Seventeen magazine. Now, the buzz on the streets is that she's moving on again, this time to build her own empire. Maybe I don't hate her so much after all. The ex was an ass, and I can not resist rooting for a woman in biz for herself.

Atoosa Rubenstein, the high-profile editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine, is leaving the top-selling teen title to launch her own teen-centered Web business, write a book and start a consulting firm specializing in the youth market.

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