Monday, November 20, 2006

KOSHi LUVS... Joanna Newsom

If you ever catch her live, Joanna Newsom will stun the shit out of you. There's just nothing out there like her. She's that powerful & bizarre. For example, the featured song on my Myspace profile for the longest time was the SPROUT & THE BEAN, which got me tons of attention & random inquiries from strangers. One friend thought that it was me making that beautiful music, because my name is Joanna too and well... he was extremely impressed and thinking I was this mondo-goddess for like half a second until he realized his mistake. Sorry to be such a let down! & I wish it wasn't a mistake... Oh to be so original, clever & free. I did have the privelage of seeing her play last spring in Silver Lake where she debuted some songs in progress to an over-packed, drooling crowd of hipsters hanging on her every note & for, like I said, good reason. Now that very material has become an album, that album has become an official release, and the critics are raving again. You really need to check this out...

Pitchfork Media interviews Joanna Newsom.

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