Wednesday, November 22, 2006

iCON: Edie Sedgwick

There will probably be an Edie backlash soon. The girl's just too darn trendy these days, and now with the upcoming Sienna Miller pic & the onslaught of Edie-fied magazine coverage that is sure to come with it, her look is bound to grow old again. In terms of people questioning her life being of any creative value, I'd have to say that it was. How many dead people do you know influencing fashion today?

Edie Sedgwick had no real talent to speak of, writes Linda Grant, except for taking narcotics. Yet, as a new book of photographs reminds us, Andy Warhol's dysfunctional and doomed groupie was redeemed by one thing…
In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,' said Andy Warhol in 1968. This cliché is rooted in a specific moment, and was said of particular people. He had just manufactured a series of 'superstars' - weird, ephemeral beauties whom he filmed at his loft in now unwatchable movies.

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