Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sebelia Wins Project Runway

Last night, Jeffrey Sebelia, a cool, very Rock & Roll designer won the latest season of Project Runway, which was deserved. I was annoyed that he was accused of cheating but impressed that he managed to hold it together to avoid being made a fool of. Very dignified. In the end, he was not only vindicated, but won the whole show! Success is the best revenge.

Check out Jeffrey's biz online...

(Also Of Interest) Some 4 million people watch Project Runway, Bravo's fashion reality show, and when they tune in tonight for the season finale, they'll have a chance to observe a designer catapulted to new fame. No, not Uli or Michael, or whichever contestant wins, but Michael Kors, the established pro who has served as a biting, witty judge on the program for its first three seasons.

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